Swing Bed

Jefferson Hospital offers a Swing Bed program as an alternate discharge plan from acute care.  Some patients may be ready for discharge from the acute care but may not be ready yet for discharge home, due to skilled care needs.  The Swing Bed program offers additional services until patients are ready for discharge.  At Jefferson Hospital, our Swing Bed Program offers 24-hour nursing care, Physical Therapy services, IV antibiotic administration, respiratory treatments and a variety of other services.  We have excellent physicians, nurses and ancillary staff as well.  For more information on this program, please contact our Director of Nursing, Debra Dayton, RN.

SwingBed1AJefferson Hospital Swing Bed Program Offers Trusted, Compassionate, Comfortable Care That’s Also Close to Home!

What is a Swing Bed Program?

The Jefferson Hospital Swing Bed Program is a Medicare program designed to provide additional inpatient care to those needing extra time to heal or strengthen. Our program provides trusted, comfortable and professional care for patients who no longer need acute hospital care due do not need skilled nursing or therapy care to complete their recovery. Best of all, as a patient in our Swing Bed program, you can rest, rehab and recover in your trusted local hospital close to family and friends. It’s your choice where your recovery is done! Let your doctor know that you want your rehabilitation at Jefferson Hospital!

What Qualifies You for the Swing Bed Program?

Examples of diagnoses that may meet Swing Bed criteria include: stroke recovery, diabetes, rehabilitation following major procedures such as hip replacement or knee replacement, pain management, amputations, traumatic injuries, IV therapy and wound care.

What Are the Swing Bed Program Benefits?

Not only will you encounter a seamless transition from acute to follow-up care but also will receive the assurance of an accredited hospital setting with 24 hour care provided by a team of skilled nurses, physicians and therapists. You’ll feel reassured with the comfort and familiarity of your local hospital and and access to diagnostic services. Best of all, you’ll be convenient to loved ones and friends!

What Services Are Included in the Swing Bed Program?

Services available include physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, IV medication therapy, rehabilitation after a stroke, post-surgical care, wound care, skilled nursing care and nutrition.

How Do I Find Out More Information?

For more information contact Becky Brown at 478-625-7000 Ext. 1115.